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PD-110 product family is a high-sensitivity PIN Si photodetector with ultra-low-noise high-gain transimpedance amplifier. The photodetector is optimized for efficient homodyne/heterodyne extraction of faint optical signals, enabling low-level optical beat signals and pulse shape detections at frequencies up to 1 GHz. The product family is recommended for applications in quantum metrology and continuous-variable quantum optics, where few photon optical signals are detected and efficiently amplified. 


  • Wavelength range: 400 - 1000 nm

  • Peak quantum efficiency: > 87% @ 800 nm

  • Integrated ultra-low-noise transimpedance amplifier

  • Detection bandwidth: up to 1 GHz

  • Rise time: < 300 ps

  • Flatness: < 3dB over detection bandwidth

  • NEP: < 7 pW/sq. rt. Hz

  • Included low-noise power supply

  • FC/PC connector

  • Coupling: AC/DC (50-ohm)

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