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Cyber security

Diverse industries and critical government services rely on reliable and secure communication over network infrastructure. It is critical for government agencies to be prepared to address future adversary behaviour in the cyberspace, especially those that may endanger the financial and health privacy, utility infrastructure, and the defence & security of Canada and its allies.


Over the past two decades, Q-Block Computing Inc. has been involved in a number of world-leading innovations for the realization of quantum repeater networks. Beginning with the very first experiments in the 2000s, we have developed a resilient quantum communication platform, LuciaQ. LuciaQ is an engineering marvel of precision quantum photonics in its purest form, combining world-leading expertise across different disciplines.

While our products in the defence & security space span beyond the realm of quantum security, they remain confidential. We collaborate with select government agencies to advance our internal R&D in quantum sensing and metrology.

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