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"We need more building blocks to change our world."


Q-Block Computing Inc. is a home for the curious mind and unconventional thinking.


We're looking for brilliant and ambitious candidates with exceptional talent and work ethics to join our team.


  • Experimental AMO physicist (Q-Block Computing Research)

  • UI designer and programmer (Q-Block Computing)


Experimental Atomic Molecular Optical (AMO) Physicist

  • PhD in Experimental Physics, Electrical Engineering, or related discipline

  • Strong laboratory experience in cold atom physics or photonics (e.g., ultracold atoms, trapped ions, degenerate quantum gases)

  • Technical capability for complex experimentation and automating control systems

    UI Designer
  • BSc in industrial design
  • 2+year industry experience


Empowering extraordinary individuals

Our success is predicated on the exceptional talent who believe in the mission of the company. We set unusually ambitious milestones and are highly selective in our recruitment process. We give special attention to candidates with extraordinary track record and long-term potential.

Academic freedom and exploratory attitude

We value the free pursuit of knowledge. Along with our commitment to excellence in human capital, we take the high road in our exploratory research. Unlike most companies, our primary mission is the continued contribution to human knowledge. Commercialization and research translation activities are the necessary technological endeavours to reach the scale needed for taking on the big questions we hope to address. 

​Equity, diversity, and inclusivity
We believe that diverse opinions and equitable workplace are crucial preconditions for a free scientific inquiry. We encourage everyone to bring our their best to work and to maximize their individual freedom of expression. For us, an inclusive atmosphere promotes the identities of individuals. We help accelerate blue sky research, without the politicization that has hampered our modern institutions. 

Authenticity and scientific integrity

Our primary premise is the belief behind the power of an individual. We believe that everyone brings a divine message to this world. We look for authentic individuals who have the grandiose vision and passion for science. Scientific integrity not only means to be brutally honest and rigorous in the findings,  but also the willingness to find a deep meaning in the pursuit of an idea larger than themselves.

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