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Q-Block Computing Inc. is a home for the curious mind and unconventional thinking. We approach high-impact problems at the forefront of science and engineering. We pride ourselves by embracing risk, but with the humility to move on at times. Everyone talks about taking risks, but the very essence of taking a risk is that not everything we do will work out at the end. We find deep meaning in the pursuit of an idea larger than ourselves, with a real possibility of failure.


At the core of our culture, we are people who enjoy solving today's most demanding challenges in Science and Technology. We are brutally honest. And Yes, we are not afraid to admit that universal quantum computers of the future may not yield the kind of economic impact, as often portrayed in the media. Instead, we strive to realize fault-tolerant quantum systems from the elementary building block of Nature, atoms and photons, because we find such a possibility interesting and intriguing. Programmable quantum systems allow us to probe the computational power available in Nature and help us understand the physical laws in terms of informational quantities. In our view, quantum computer is an aspirational goal, as human species, to explore the Hilbert space, conquering the complexities of physical systems. Quantum computers may not be the economic driver of the future, while we also do not deny the possibility of transformative impacts enabled by quantum devices. But this is not what drives us to work every day.

We think about big questions at the forefront of our understanding, and we make the tools enabling us to investigate the mysteries of our universe. We cherish avant-garde science and blue-sky research over a time of horizon longer than today's academic institutions.

  • What is the computational power of Nature?

  • Baryonic asymmetry problem

  • QCD at high density

  • Quantum gravity and entanglement

Our business proposition is simple. The tools we develop in pursuit of our sciences are useful for other tasks in society with unparalleled return. We commercialize these tools (Q-block modules) for us to reach the scale needed for taking on big questions. Our quantum-inspired hardware solutions will find the critical applications for the betterment of our society.




Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science.

- E. P. Hubble

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