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es-110 is a hermetically-sealed miniature interference-filter based external cavity diode laser with factory-set wavelengths. Linewidth < 1Hz has been achieved by locking to an external high-finesse reference cavity, and a pair of es-110 can be phase-locked to a relative linewidth < 1mHz. Micro-optical laser module on 20 mm x 20 mm AlN wafer is available after OEM/NDA agreement. 

  • Laser linewidth: < 10 kHz* (1 ms integration)

  • Output power: >100 mW*

  • Tuning range: 15 nm*

  • MHFT: up to 12 GHz*

  • Available centre wavelengths: 500 - 1550 nm

  • Ultra-low-noise laser driver

  • High-bandwidth PI2D circuit (BW >15 MHz)

  • Options: UHV grade, internal EOM, ring-resonator feedback, real-time controller, synchronization module

    * Wavelength dependent parameters

Contact: sales [AT]

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