Ultrastable for all

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modular architecture

4U backplane for Q-modules

  • Unified server-client network for instruction communication and optical phase distribution network

  • Precise environmental control (10mK thermal stability)

  • Redundant power supplies and resilient supercap design

Ultrastable laser and distribution modules

  • High-performance laser system for state-of-art quantum optics precision optical metrology experiments

  • Ultrastable laser engine, integrated optical reference, and laser module configuration

Future Q-modules

  • Second harmonic generation (CW) module

  • Optical parametric oscillator (CW) module

  • High-speed intensity modulator module

  • Molecular Iodine optical clock module


Ultrastable laser engine

  • Proven interference-filter based platform with integrated laser linewidth 10kHz @ >100mW
  • Typical tuning range: 30nm (MHFT: 30 GHz)
  • Available center wavelengths: 500nm ~ 1550nm
  • Athermal monolithic construction with matched CTE (optional all glass assembly)
  • Fully UHV compatible with passive stability against acoustic and vibration
  • Narrow-linewidth (10Hz) option with intra-cavity feedback
  • Wide-scanning option (MHFT range: >10nm)
  • Ultra-low-noise analog-digital laser driver compatible with Q-block framework v1.3 

Q-module configuration

  • Integrated beam control (AOM, EOM, IM)
  • Optional internal ULE reference cavity (Finesse > 100,000)
  • Optional internal spectroscopy module (vapor-limited Cs and Rb cells)
  • Optional high-power option (tapered amplifier, slave laser)
  • Optional transfer cavity (Finesse > 100,000)
  • Optional optical heterodyne PLL loop (sub-mHz relative linewidth)