Quantum Block Modules


Modular quantum information platform built from high-performance Q-block modules (Q-modules). Q-modules are inspired from today's supercomputing architecture and processors and RISC designs. Just like RISC and clustered systems, our Q-modules are designed and optimized for a small but specialized set of "instructions," specifically streaming the phase-amplitude information of laser fields addressing the atomic qubits. These Q-modules are interconnected through a phase-coherent optical network backplane, and interfaced to a real-time microprocessor. The time-base of the Q-module is referenced from an internal room-temperature optical clock with Allen variance of 10    . As we add more Q-modules to our ecosystem in the future, hardware-level machine codes will progressively be hidden from the end users.


Publicly available Q-block modules

  • Ultrastable laser module

  • Laser distribution module

  • Optical detection module

Prototype Q-block modules*

  • Quantum control module

  • Quantum memory module

  • Quantum sensor module**

* Prototypes are available upon a collaborative agreement with Q-Block Computing Inc. and may be subject to Canadian Controlled Goods Program.

** Quantum sensor modules are only available to select partners.






modular architecture

4U backplane for Q-modules

  • Unified server-client network for instruction communication and optical phase distribution network

  • Precise environmental control (10mK thermal stability)

  • Redundant power supplies and resilient supercap design

Ultrastable laser and distribution modules

  • High-performance laser system for state-of-art quantum optics precision optical metrology experiments

  • Ultrastable laser engine, integrated optical reference, and laser module configuration

Future Q-modules

  • Second harmonic generation (CW) module

  • Optical parametric oscillator (CW) module

  • High-speed intensity modulator module

  • Molecular Iodine optical clock module

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Our first-generation high-performance quantum memory and quantum node for entanglement distribution in resilient quantum networks

Marble Surface

Horizontal markets


Frontier science

  • Time and frequency metrology: Development of portable optical frequency standards for international clock comparison

  • Fundamental test of physics: Stability of fundamental constants, parity violation test, and Einstein's equivalence principle

  • Gravitational waves: Ultrastable lasers for probing gravitational waves in earth-based and space-born observatories

  • Astrophysics: Synchronization of distributed antenna in large-scale astronomy projects (Very-Long Baseline Interferometer).

  • Relativistic geodacy: Optical clock for probing space-time geometry

High-performance computing

  • Supercomputing and in-network computes: Ultrastable laser links and ultra-high-speed interconnects for timebase transfer

  • Photonic deep learning: Ultrastable lasers as light engine for photonic tensor cores in convolution and matrix-vector-multiplication

  • Ultra-high-frequency and time-stamping trading: Ultrastable laser as the timebase for GPS-resilient network in financial institutions

Next-generation timing and navigation

  • Optical clocks: Ultrastable lasers for probing protected clock transitions in optical lattice and single ion clocks

  • Inertial sensors: Ultrastable laser in precision laser gyroscopes for GPS-resilient navigation and routing

  • Improved global positioning systems: Space-grade ultrastable lasers integrated to portable optical clock for  position and time standards

  • Space exploration: Tracking of deep space probes with ultrastable lasers

Optical telecommunication and high-speed networking

  • Coherent optical communication: Multichannel optical carriers for phase-coherent communication and networking

  • Ultra-low-latency satellite internet: High-density satellite-to-ground phase-coherent laser interconnects

Sensing and optical metrology

  • LiDAR: Ultrastable laser as light engine for ultra-long-range coherent LiDAR and depth sensing

  • Gas trace sensing: Ultrastable laser and ultra-high-finesse resonator for ppb-level molecular gas fingerprinting for climate science

Broad application portfolio

  • Biophotonics: High-content screening and superresolution microscopy

  • Industrial metrology: Raman spectroscopy, holography, and precision microfabrication

  • Semiconductor: Inspection and ellipsometry, microlithography

  • Astronomy & Geology: Laser guiding star and distance metrology